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> Hey all - I'm new to Conlang and I extend my apologies if this
> question
> has already been asked before -

Welcome! Don't apologize, it's perfectly normal as a newbie to ask this kind of
questions. We should really have this FAQ done :)) .

> Does anybody know if there are any publicly available lists / databases
> of
> root morphemes / lexical fields / basic concepts / etc. which could be
> used to construct a vocabulary for an a priori conlang?  I've been
> trying
> to assemble one myself from English "defining vocabularies" and the
> like,
> but it just seems that this sort of thing has probably been done
> before
> thousands of times and there is no sense reinventing the wheel.

Well, you're right about the fact that already many people thought of
that :)) . And someone already sent URLs to the list about it :)) . I
personally never use those lists, so I don't even know where to find them (and
never note their address. Maybe I should, you never know... :))) ).


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