>Okay, a couple questions.  First, what is "C"?  Is that a voiceless,
>palatal stop?

Yes, I'm sorry, I don’t know X-SAMPA at all, so it is difficult for me
to explain sounds. It is a voiceless palatal stop.

> Also, if we were going by SAMPA, the ones you have listed here
>would be a voiceless, bilabial fricative, a voiceless, alveo-palatal
>fricative, a velar lateral approximant (?  Not sure on this one), and a
>voiceless, palatal fricative, in order.  Anyway, this would be by far
>most minimal consonantal inventory I've seen in a non-logic-based
>ever, yet still somewhat typologically plausible (if that "C" is what I
>it is).

Wow, you got it perfectly right! My goal was to have the smallest amount
of sounds, and no real odd sounds.

>Many people aren't going to be able to read that o with a slash through
>it.  The symbol in SAMPA is [2], I believe (either that or [9]--the
>difference is tenseness).  Since I don't know every language, I'll
>from saying this language is typologically impossible, but I'd say
without >he
>sitation that it's extremely improbable.

Aww crap. I really liked the o with a slash too. I could use a different
symbol in the external alphabet, and still use the o with slash in the
internal right?

>What do the apostrophes mean?

Damn it, for got all about that. Hmm… now I must think of a sound to go
with that…

>?  Can you give an example?
>    Anyway, looks very interesting; I hope to see more.  :)

Example… hmm, I shall think of some tonight! Thank you very much for
taking the time to read my very small grammar :)