The best news site in Papiamentu is La Prensa:

a news service based in Curacao (hence the phonological spelling with k,s
etc.) reporting on Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire (collectively known as the ABC
islands; as I recall, only B and C are in the Netherlands Antilles).

I find I can read these texts quite easily, with only a few words stumping
me.  It helps to know that the 'nan' on the end of many words is a
pluralizer, similar to 'dem' in Jamaican Creole, eg. 'di pikni dem' - the
boys.  If youre stuck try turning b's into v's: I stared at 'e lus berde'
for a while before realizing it was 'the green light' which was being given
to a 'proyekto'.


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