>Thanks for visiting the Auxilingua Project Pages
>James, they do ne a serious update, que no?

Yes, in particular my email address is not my current one.

>I really appreciate you insightful post, and I would
>like to add that such an entity would pehaps have
>a function of lobbying for support of IAL use and
>research in the various national governments. I'm
>not one to meddle in politics though and the idea
>of such a chore doesn't appetize this chum, but
>there may be others among us on the list with such
>inclinations who would be better as a salesperson
>for IALs.

Well, I suppose it would not be the right job for anyone who saw it as a
chore.  As regards the lobbying element, I do not see this as central to the
role of a new umbrella organization, at least not at first.  Its primary
task should be to explore the common ground between the different language
movements.  Only later, as it grew in confidence could you start to look at
promoting the idea, on the basis of the resolutions it had reached.  These
should form the basis of any promotion: what it promotes should _be_ the
common aims of its members.

It is also true that the Esperantists in particular already have a lobbying
presence in such milieus as the EU.  The Esperanto members might feel that
the umbrella organization was encroaching on their territory.  They would
have to have a good degree of confidence in the organization before they
felt ready to share this role.

>What I can offer the project is the idea of an entity
>that could give a display-window to the world.
>I'd suggest we used the term World Languages
>Organization and register the domain
>this would make a nod towards English, but if it
>grows could have something like Organización
>Mundial de Lenguajes.

'World Languages Organization' could be a bit ambiguous.  I would prefer
something that could not be misinterpreted, but at the end of the day the
name is not the most important issue.  But thanks for the offer of help on
the presentation side of things - that would really be useful.


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