From: "Donald J. HARLOW" <[log in to unmask]>
> (1) mSQL or MySQL? My impression is that the latter has largely replaced
> the former as the free database of choice.

Either... right now mSQL is ready to go,
I'd have to add MySQL but that's no biggie.

> (2) What about CGI, database-conscious scripting languages and
> interpreters? Would you allow members use of Perl and PHP?

Yes, there'll be a cgi bin for each domain...

> What about
> server-side Java programs, and possibly a servlet engine?

servlets are fine...

> These are all
> things that would be fairly important to me. Oh, yes, we mustn't forget
> server-side includes (including #exec) for dynamically-conscious web

one thing at a time... but I'm looking
to put up some guidelines for use
and delineate the limits of using the

> Some of these things can be fairly dangerous in the hands of the
> but presumably nobody would be signing up who would be malicious, and one
> presumes that you will pay a lot of attention to security issues.

Yeah, a pox on their houses... there will be some
limited telnet access though.

Do you think that it would be helpful to set this up?

How many others would be interested in having a
webpresence of this type for their IAL of choice
WITHOUT adds or banners or spyware?

Do you think that having a repository or display
window of this type might help give credence to
the IAL movement as a whole? I'm thinking that
if the pages are professional and well presented
it may promote a good image... what do you think?

How valuable would chatrooms be?
Having online conferences could be a
really neat idea... but chatrooms usually
turn into a free-for-all...

How about a discussion board? This
would be more orderly... but its so
similar in function to an email list...

Do we need more email lists? I'd think not...
but for each IAL there may be a list set up
if there is enough interest... say for example
Kjell's Communicando List, or a New Reform
of Volapuk or whatever, this may be a good
thing to add if there is a need...

Could we use the Merchant Cart to sell
language learning materials, books and
tapes, CD's etc? Would this provide an
avenue for publishing materials in IALs
that would otherwise have a hard time
distributing their publications?

What about the idea of giving thought to
using a natural language as an IAL? Would
we think of including those languages in the
diplay site? Say for example the pro's and
con's of using "English as a World Language"?

w/ regards,
Jay B.