On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Kjell Rehnstrom wrote:

> "Paul O. Bartlett" wrote:
> > Mercuridi, le 12 junio 2002, fasilinguo scribeva (parve extracto):
> >
> > >     Kiel oficialaj lingvoj de Ši tiu komitato mi proponas Esperanton,
> > > interling?on, idon kaj e?ropanton.

> > [...]                                                  Does someone
> > have a link to online sources for Europanto?  [...]

> Ego trovava un specimen de europanto a iste url:

    Ah, yes, I remember now.  I have read that Europanto started out as
a joke, and some people think that it still is.  In any case, as for
"oficialaj lingvoj" that fasilinguo refers to, would all members of the
proposed organization be expected to have a working knowledge of all
the "official" languages, at least passive reading knowledge of them,
or facility only with at least one of them?

Paul Bartlett
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