On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 10:29:30PM -0400, Andy Canivet wrote:
> >From: "H. S. Teoh" <[log in to unmask]>
> >(I'm of the opinion that the best method to construct an artlang is to
> >invent a conculture -- everything in the language is driven by the
> >culture, which gives the language a deep, internal consistency, sorta like
> >how a fern leaf looks like a miniature fern, etc.. It just *feels* right.
> I completely agree - but I find it gets a bit "reflexive" - you can only go
> so far with the culture before you have to start working on the language,
> and vice versa.  You kind of have to "evolve" the two of them together step
> by step - kind of like the way real languages and cultures work I suppose...
>  I've been working on a culture (for purposes of fiction) and their
> language as well - but nothing so radical as an alternate universe with
> different laws of physics.

Well, I created the conculture before I even had the thought of making a
conlang for it :-)

Perhaps one day I should sit down and write the external history of the
conculture... it has rather interesting, divergent roots (which may
explain some of its oddities :-P), pieced together from scraps and
fragments of ideas I had from time to time. The physics part was conceived
independently as a result of pondering over what-if's in physics and
chemistry. Then, for a period of time, I had this tendency of borrowing
ideas from this con-physics into various fictional stories I made up,
often without much thought as to how it would fit. Eventually, I sketched
a very long timeline covering several long eras, just to account for

The conlang, OTOH, was very meticulously planned to fit the conworld. The
conworld by that time had developed quite a bit, and I wanted every little
part of the conlang to integrate into it seamlessly. After I got started
on the conlang, though, I found that it was helping me work out details in
the conworld, and vice versa. So I guess you could say they are "evolving"
together now.


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