>Me :). At least, I likes to keep tabs on what people
>believe, the better to keep an eye on the buggers :P.
>My favorite site :) :
>I'd want to stress, though, that in my observation
>there's different species of interest in philosophy,
>mysticism and religion...

Heheh... topic for another thread probably - but suffice it to say that on
the surface I agree - the difference between the institutions, various
dogmas, rituals, etc. is certainly apparent - but I'm coming to the very
strong conclusion lately that in a very fundamental way mysticism (i.e.
procedural phenomenology) and ethical philosophy (in the classical sense
of ethics) share a common goal - to understand the best way to live and
how to train the mind & self to live that way.  "Religion" is just the
instutionalized combination of the two (philosophy & mysticism), with a
lot of bureaucracy, propaganda / dogma, and all sorts of other useless
sh*t piled on top - which is why us industrialized folk tend to be either
afraid of it, or view it as pointless superstition (not to mention that
spirituality and materialism have generally not worked well together)...

>> I wonder what kind of language would develop if we
>had a truly solid picture of
>> human behavior....
>A deeply cynical one ;)

Now hey... LOL