On 06/11 21:25  Wesley Parish wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Jun 2002 22:33, andrew wrote:
> > I was born in Murihiku, the tail of the land, in the deep south.
> Gore and/or Invercargill, unless I'm much mistaken.  One of my earlier known
> ancestors set up a jeweler's shop there around the time of the gold rush.
Invercargill.  I forget what the Maori name for Gore is.

> Dunedin, where you have the House of Pleasure, aka Carisbrook Stadium.
Well, its nickname is normally the House of Pain, but playing there
seems to have been consistantly pleasurable for when the Crusaders play
the Highlanders.

> Currently I'm living in Waitaha/Otautahi, where the current Super 12
> champions are.  Not that I'm a great Buggery Football Union fan, - I much
> prefer more open field codes like Aussie Rules - and I never grew up among
> the bum-sniffers (bad luck if your favourite gas is selfproduced methane!) -
> but it doesn't hurt to keep in touch with popular culture.
You are closer to me than I thought.  Christchurch is only a day's
travel away, and on the mainland.  Most sports are incomprehensible to
me, with the possible exceptions of soccer and hockey.  I saw the Wales
v. France game in the first Rugby World Cup and I still don't know what
happened.  The only sports writer that I find readible considers that
Australian Rules is a better game than Rugby Union or League for the
reason that you give.  Gridiron is worse still; half the team never get
to touch the ball.

- andrew.
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