Stephen DeGrace wrote:

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>> Speaking of that... how many conlangers also have a
>freakish interest in
>> philosophy, religion, & mysticism?  Call it an
>informal survey of a group with
>> an uncharacteristically high proportion of
>introverted intuitive types...
>Me :). At least, I likes to keep tabs on what people
>believe, the better to keep an eye on the buggers :P.

Moi aussi. Mysticism definitely, (comparative) religion yes-- from the POV
of Jos. Campbell, e.g..; most philosophy, unfortunately, causes severe MEGO.

>My favorite site :) :

Thank you! An interesting site.  It seems I (personally) have gone from Xnty
to Deism.  Kash religion, if it ever gets formulated, would seem to be more
like Shinto with a dash of Deism (the idea of a creator-god/force that takes
no further interest in, and does not intervene in,  affairs of the world).
(ObConlang:  They refer to _e parahambesa_ more or less "The First Cause" (<, par- 'honorific', ahan 'create', mesa 'one'.)
>> I wonder what kind of language would develop if we
>had a truly solid picture of
>> human behavior....
>A deeply cynical one ;)
Roger INTP, enneagram type 4 (happy to say, type 9 came in a close second)