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Oh well, that could actually be anything that makes the language different from
other languages.
Just to give you a simple example: I am currently trying to decypher an
Ebisedian text in order to translate it into Hattic (as a part of the Relay
Game; if you have been lurking a bit before you entered, you might know about
it). Ebisedian has an intesting sentence and case system, based fully on the
different aspects of motion. (Did I put that right, H.S.?) Besides, apart from
the usual singular and plural, Ebisedian also has a "nullar".

that's odd and interesting...what exactly is a nellar?  hehe...well, i hate to admit that i don't really think there is anything special at all about my language.  there is a culture, however, that uses it for making their, if they are from a certain place that is mountainous they put their name and then "a'dareidi"  or "of mountains".  So it would look like, "Reivin a'Dareidi".  That's pretty much all I can think of. ^_^