On Fri, 07 Jun 2002 04:17, Dan Sulani wrote:
>     What's interesting, is that one can redouble the ends of all the main
> colors in Hebrew to give a lighter or pastel shade; for example:
> |tsahov -- tshavhav|, |yarok -- yrakrak|,  (yellow -- pale yellow, green --
> pale green).
> This also works for "white" and "black"! What's even more interesting
> is that this works for "pink" also, |varod --vradrad|. (Does this mark
> "pink" as a "primary" color?)  But you _cannot_ do it with |txelet|!
> (I wonder if the reason is because, to do it, one would have to have an
> initial consonant cluster of [txl-] ([txlatlat|) which is something
> most Hebrew speakers would not like to get their mouths involved with!
> Would speakers of any other nat- or conlang feel comfortable with it?
> I haven't used that combo in rtemmu --- yet!   >-)  )

If I remember my infatuation with Georgian correctly, that would be a
permissible initial consonant cluster.

Wesley Parish

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