--- Andreas wrote:

> Today, a site I've got an account at changed their secret-question system so
> that instead of writing in a question of your own choice (I of course had
> one in Tairezazh) you have to chose between a variety of idiot questions
> like "In what city was I born in?" or "What was the last name of my
> favourite teacher?". And the claimed reason for this is increased security!
> Are safety managers paid for being stupid these days, or just desperate to
> grant your family access to your account?!?

Presumably they did this in response to the fact that some people just lack the
fantasy to invent a question (or a language ;) ) on their own.
Anyway, what keeps you from giving the answer in Tairezazh?
Or do you have a little sister who speaks it fluently and who knows just
everything that could possibly be known about your favourite teacher?


"Originality is the art of concealing your source." - Franklin P. Jones

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