The trick to use is to pick one of those "standard questions" that is
pretty common to all of those "secret-question" checks, and choose an
answer for it...that has nothing to do with it. :)

Or, at least, put your answer in your conlang, or both.

Often, I don't even set it, or set it to some long string of random
junk, 'cuz I don't forget my passwords...usually. :)

Here at my work, they actually require THREE questions.  :)

I definitely don't use something patently obvious as "your mother's
maiden name".  Since my mother still _has_ her maiden name, that'd be
entirely too easy to get....:)


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> Today, a site I've got an account at changed their
> secret-question system so that instead of writing in a
> question of your own choice (I of course had one in
> Tairezazh) you have to chose between a variety of idiot
> questions like "In what city was I born in?" or "What was the
> last name of my favourite teacher?". And the claimed reason
> for this is increased security! Are safety managers paid for
> being stupid these days, or just desperate to grant your
> family access to your account?!?