--- And Rosta wrote:

> > In other words, whether or not two words can be considered
> > homonyms, is culturally determined.
> >
> > I'm wondering how loglangers handle this problem. Or don't
> > they consider this a problem at all?
> I don't understand your point. Are you confusing homonyms
> (words with same sound & different meaning) with synonyms
> (words with different sound & same meaning)?

I really meant homonyms, in the sense of one word with several
(related) meanings. Although I admit that my sentence was not
the apogeum of linguistic beauty...
For example: a hypothetical language has one word for red, that
covers not only the different shades of red we know, but also
colours we don't consider red at all, like orange, pink, or
I understand that those are not real homonyms, but when you
translate from or into a language, you meet very similar


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