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> However - the stereoscopic cells in the visual cortex are dependent on
> eye
> development - we detect distance / perspective using several visual
> clues,
> as well as special cells specifically adapted for the task.  People
> with
> congenital myopia, astigmatism, etc., or whose eyes develop a little
> more
> slowly than normal, will have undeveloped stereoscopic cells.  It isn't
> much
> of an impairment, except that without stereoscopic cells a person
> probably
> wouldn't be a very good fighter pilot or baseball player - and among
> other
> things, will never be able to see the secret picture in one of those
> "Magic
> Eye" illustrations, no matter how hard they try.

Well, I do have a sight good enough to become a fighter pilot (though I
abandoned that path after 1 week in military school), but I do have
difficulties seeing those "secret pictures". In fact, when I see them, they
appear inversed to me (what should be in front appears back, and vice-versa). I
don't know where it comes from...


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