Yscrews Jowan 'ap Jowan:

>Trois cardinaux, un rabbin, un amiral franc-maon, un trio >d'insignifiants politicards soumis au bon plaisir d'un trust >anglo-saxon, ont fait savoir  la population par radio, puis par >placards, qu'on risquait la mort par inanition.  On crut d'abord  un

Three cardinals, a rabbit, an emerald frank-maison, three unimportant politicians and a sumo all had the pleasure of an English tryst, which was savoured by the radio audience (though pussies were risked _par placard_ by their morticians).

>faux bruit.  Il s'agissait, disait-on, d'intoxication.  Mais l'opinion suivit.

One codger, an old phony, opined: "Dey sit but dey in toxicated. Dat's what I say."

 >Chacun s'arma d'un fort gourdin.  Nous voulons du pain , criait la >population, conspuant patrons, nantis, pouvoirs publics.  a

All present were armed to the teeth from the fortress's garrison. The whole crowd cried: "We want our pain!", though they were conscripted patrons, mostly from Nantes, poor people.

>complotait, a conspirait partout.  Un flic n'osait plus sortir la nuit.  A >Mcon, on attaqua un local administratif. A Rocamadour, on pilla un

Some complied, though many conspired to party. One movie they wanted to see was "Plus Sortir La Nuit" (So Go The Nuts) by Mackon, a local Onataqua administrator.

>stock : on y trouva du thon, du lait, du chocolat par kilos, du mas par >quintaux, mais tout avait l'air pourri.  A Nancy, on guillotina sur un

A. Rockamadoour, drew this witticism from his stock: "You can find a thane some milk"; but if there's not [several] kilos of cocoa, or at least five, he'll toot away the "Air for Purry" by Nancy, once a guillotine fabricator from Point Surron Rond. Twentysix magistrates danced the Air,

>rond-point vingt-six magistrats d'un coup, puis on brla un journal du >soir qu'on accusait d'avoir pris parti pour l'administration.  Partout >on prit d'assaut docks, hangars, ou magasins.

but one brawled with a journalist from Soir who accused him of not having press parties during his administration. All in all, the tryst was quite the assault on the docks, hangars and weapons depots of Bristol.

Wow! What was _that_ writer drinking?