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> Just be glad it's not like *there*'s Judaja, where a certain small
> segment of the population considers the use of Judajca, the de-facto
> national language, to be an act of treason. :-P  Of course, they're
> (luckily) not the ones in power.
> Although whether *there* happens to be Ill Bethisad or some other
> contimeline i think still has yet to be determined...

Hehe, I use *there* as a demonstrative spatial adverb referring to something
that is outside our universe :)) . The referent can be any place I have in mind
(like any other demonstratives) as long as it doesn't belong to our reality (or
mine for that matter. I can't know how yours is :)) ).


Take your life as a movie: do not let anybody else play the leading role.