On 28 Jun 02, at 11:07, Christopher B Wright wrote:

> ObConlang: perhaps someone would make a language with no voiced
> sounds at all

Would that mean a language without vowels?

And ISTR reading that many Polynesian languages have few voiced
consonants; not sure whether there are any with none. For example,
Niuean has only /m/, /n/, /N/ (spelled |g| by Samoan tradition; Tongan
orthography has |ng| instead), and /v/.

So three voiced nasals (and no unvoiced ones); only unvoiced stops; and
a voiced/unvoiced distinction in the fricative pair /v/ - /f/ (though
the /v/ is historically from /w/ IIRC, which explains this pairing,
since all other consonants are not paired).

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