Muke Tever wrote:
>My conlang Trentish /?leJ:VwmAli/ has no voiced sounds (of necessity, as

So all that is voiceless??

>do not have voices, although the reason for this I am not certain of

>[And now I have to consider the peculiar concultural inversion this makes,
>normally the telepathic range of this kind of people is shorter than what
can be
>reached by voice.  Hmm.]

Perhaps your Trents are the same race/species I've conceived as part of the
Kash/Galactic Unity complex (may I borrow them?)..  Mine are humanoid and
come from a planet with a just-barely-adequate oxygen level, so their skin
has a bluish tinge to it.  They are the Master Telepaths of **there**,
consequently their vocal organs have all but atrophied (they can speak, but
only a little squeak, embarassing and not at all appropriate to their size
and power).  Their folk explanation is that they stopped speaking in order
to save breath........