I have three more questions about recommendiations for bibliographic

1. How should the size/format of a printed book be encoded?
   Things like fol., 8vo or 16cm. It seems that <extent> might
   be a good candidate - but the Guidelines state it is specifically
   for sizes of electronic texts. Alternatively <edition> might
   perhaps be used?

2. <biblScope> can be contained in <bibl> <imprint> <monogr> <series>.
   Which of these is better practice for encoding pagination or
   number of pages for a monograph?

3. I need to include information on references/descriptions in
   standard bibliographies (such as "Ferguson II, 123") and
   libraries/collections where copies are held (eg. "British
   Library 1034.c.13."). All that I could think of is
   <note type="ref"> and <note type="repo"> respectively.
   Any other suggestions?

Best regards,