BeldŽa, venÔati! (Hello, friends)

Lest you all think I only talk about Gaelic, here's a conlang-related
post! (Gasps of amazement, scattered applause)

The reason I rarely post about my languages is bacause I had almost
nothing online. I am, and probably always shall be, a paper conlanger --
I actually have lots of language stuff lying around, but it's all in a
plethora of notebooks and other scraps of paper. I have begun to type
some of it up -- my ultimate goal is to type it *all* up and get it all
online -- but it's a slooooooooooow process, and my spare time is sadly
not anywhere near as abundant as I wish it were.

Anyway, I actually have got a couple of grammatical outlines up for two
of my languages. Anyone who is interested is invited to check them out
at: I figured it would be
easier to post the link to the website rather than to cut and paste
lengthy text into a message to the list, but if list members prefer that
I do that, say so and I will.

Positive comments welcomed; "I don't like it"'s, "you should have done
XYZ instead"'s and the like shall be duly ignored. :)