From: "Abrigon Gusiq" <[log in to unmask]>
> I use it as a varietion on Lingua. I just find spelling out Language
> alot of times can be a royal pain. And often I end up mispelling
> language due to the nature of the Qwerty keyboard.

Well, "lang" is a standard abbreviation around here...

Ibran for "There is a wild dog in my trousers":

"C'êt un chàn seuvauge dént miens pantålounes..."
["tSEt: E~"Z&~zEvwOdZ dEnT m_jin:"pA~tlun:]

Incidentally, I would never have thought the verb "to pant" (as in what a dog
does with his tongue hanging out, or what a man does when he's out of breath)
would be descended from Latin/Greek <phantasia>.