> > Hurm.... what about hungarian 8 "nyolc" and 9 "kilenc"? Anybody? ferko?
> > other hungarian natives?
> >
> > (i think "nyolc" is reconstructable back to at least Ob-Ugric)
> >
> > There seems to be a trend in some FU langs where the words for 8 and 9
> > are based on the number 10... in the same manner of finnish...
> >
> > like mansi 10 "lov", 9 "ontolov", 8 "nyololov" (or something like that)

You might wish to check out the following link:

It points to the Ugor proto-word _*n'ale_ and adds:

These words are all combinational in origin rather than distinct roots.
Other Finnic Languages unrelated to Ugor, this group split of the main around
2-3,000BC, before the decimal system replaced the six based system. It is
closer to the Turkic languages as a result.  Altaic also does not share common
roots for 7, 8, 9, 10 indicating that it is not originally a common 10 based

Some claim "nyol-c" to mean the index finger of the second hand which was also
the licking finger, tasting finger "nyal", the 8th finger. This based on Mongol
explanation, which works.


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