froge sionk Steg Belsky...
> That's my favorite ST:TNG episode ever!  I don't remember what it's
> called (maybe "The Inner Light"?), <shnip>
> I really want to find a recording of that song...

yes it was called "The Inner Light" they do have an orchestral
version of it on the best of star trek: 30th anniversary special
soundtrack thingy though because it's orchestral the flute is only
heard by itself at the beginning and the end... while i do really
like this version imnsho it sorta takes away from the simplicity of
the song (however if you're interested i could probably turn it into
an audio file and email it to you provided i can find the cd)... and
if all else fails you could always tape "the inner light" (playing on
a tv station near you... star trek is everywhere <cue manaical
laughter>) and then record an audio tape through the tv... i got that
and the buffy musical that way and aside from having to turn up the
volume really loudly and that funny hissing noise it's not so bad...
but then i tend not to be overly concerned with that sort of thing...


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