During the last translation relay, the Ebisedian conworld seemed to have
caused a big stir amongst participants. I've received several requests for
more info, particularly about the lack of stars in this fictional universe
and the nature of the _Ka'l3ri_. So I thought I should describe here the
relevant parts of this conworld, so that I don't have to repeat this to
every person who asks. :-) (As well as taking the opportunity to
spam^H^H^H^Hshow off my conworld, too. :-P)

The (external) name of this conworld is tentatively "Ferochromon", which
is an old name dating to the divergent origins of this conworld. Since I
have no better name for it at present, I'll stick with this name. To the
Ebisedi themselves, their world is simply... uh, the "universe", _Pe'rim_
["p_h&r`im].  Most of them know of none other.

Ferochromon is actually very complex, and comprises of several "layers".
But for this post, we're mainly interested only in the "space" layer.
There are various phenomena and objects that are contained in this space:

The _Ka'l3ri_ ["k_hal@\r`i] is an energetic, expulsive phenomenon which
spews fresh matter into space. It comes in various types and sizes;
ranging from the small, gentle, bubbling fountain, to the fireworks-like
geyser, to those buried deep inside a landmass (see below), causing a
phenomenon known to the Ebisedi as the "growing mountains", to the
gigantic explosive starburst of astronomical sizes.

The _vyy'i_ ["By:?i] is a destructive phenomenon, which one may picture as
a 3-dimensional whirlpool, swallowing adjacent matter like a blackhole. It
also comes in different sizes, from the small, relatively safe whirlpools
used by the Ebisedi to dispose of garbage, to the giant landmass-gobblers
which draws matter with such force that nothing nearby can escape its

The Ebisedi live on _3kacorii'_ [@\katSo"ri:], "landmasses" (singular:
_kacoo'ri_ [ka"tSo:r`i]), which is a mass of solid matter coalesced from
the cooled ejecta from some ancient _Ka'l3ri_. Depending on the type of
_Ka'l3ri_ that produced it, or even on the number of _Ka'l3ri_ that
contributed matter to it, it may be spherical, flat, or just odd-shaped
(in the Ebisedi's terms, "mountainous".) Random _Ka'l3ri_ and _vyy'i_ may
appear on, or under, the surface of a _kacoo'ri_, in addition to the most
visible variety which float isolated in space.

Usually, on a habitable _kacoo'ri_, there is a field of force (_k3Tai'_,
[k@\t_ha?i]) enveloping it. This force causes particulate matter to be
suspended over the _kacoo'ri_, in "dust clouds" or just in long wisps of
sparkling matter. This layer of "flowing" matter is called the _l3r3si'_
[l@\r`@\"si], which we might tend to think of as "air".

To an observer standing on the _kacoo'ri_, the _kacoo'ri_ is the _jhusi'_,
[Zu"si], "the ground". Above the _jhusi'_ is the _l3r3si'_, "the air".
Beyond the _l3r3si'_ is the _kh0'si_ ["xAsi], "space". Distant _Ka'l3ri_
and _vyy'i_ may be seen in the _kh0'si_; sometimes including other
_3kacorii'_, landmasses formed around distant _Ka'l3ri_.

Sometimes, space has regions of "instability", called the _K0'n0ri_
["k_hAnAr`i] "fire lands". These are regions of high energy, usually
shimmering with blinding light. These regions may be isolated in space, or
may intersect with a _kacoo'ri_. Space and matter are distorted in these
regions, and they are unsafe to inhabit or to travel through. The Ebisedi
stay away from them as much as possible. Strange creatures have been
reported to live in them. Ebisedi physicists believe that these regions
catalyze the formation of _Ka'l3ri_ and _vyy'i_.

Another phenomenon is the _jyy'i_ ["dZy:?i], "portal". This phenomenon,
which tends to occur near the _K0'n0roi_ or near areas with large mass,
such as mountains, has teleportative properties. Sometimes it occurs
randomly; sometimes it recurs at regular intervals. The regular _jyy'i_
are often used by the Ebisedi as a means of transportation.

The _jyy'i_, however, is fraught with peril; the random ones are notorious
for being "unstable", sending the would-be traveller into unpredictable
and unpleasant places (such as right in the middle of a _K0'n0roi_). Even
the regular ones sometimes get "interference" from other _jyy'i_ or other
phenomena near its path of transport, and may "malfunction", causing the
traveller to get "dumped" in the "ether" (another layer of the
Ferochromon). The Ebisedi who have learned to predict, or even control,
the behaviour of the _jyy'i_ have made a trade out of accompanying amateur
travellers and/or ensuring safe passage.

Interestingly, _jyy'i_ also refers to the man-made doors the Ebisedi
install in their buildings. One wonders what connotations they may have
had in mind when borrowing the word, about the unsafety of unlocked doors
/ unstable teleportals. :-)

I'll stop here. As you can probably tell, this only covers about 2.5% of
Ferochromon. There is so much more but I don't want to bore you all (if
you aren't already). :-P


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