Robert Neo Hill sekalge:
>>perhaps a conlang how-to like the one by mark rosenfelder
>>( could help you
>I may sound totally stupid, but I read both of the kits (Marks and the
>one, whose name excapes me) and I was still left fairly confused.

I should make one of my own, drawing from both of the kits and what I've
learned from the Conlang list. I will keep you informed of my progress.

>Also, i would like some clarification on relative clauses. How would i
>about implementing them? i dont quite understand what they are or how
>are used. :/

English relative clauses, and those of any language I've come into
contact with (admittedly not many), are like normal sentences with a
special particle attaching them to a certain word, except for that they
don't always need subjects, as I recall. True for English, at the least.

A relative clause is a phrase whose central argument is a verb and which
is introduced by a relative particle. That's how I explained it to
seventh-grade English students, at least. Am I wantonly cruel? I'd like
to think my cruelty has purpose and meaning....

As Sun Tzu said, "If regulations are not clear and orders not thoroughly
explained, it is the commander's fault."