> On Wednesday 24 July 2002 15:02, Steg Belsky wrote:
> > Thanks both of you who helped, i found Realaudio streams for both
> the
> > orchestral version and the piano-flute version.  If only i could
> find one
> > of the original :P

and here they are...
i think was the Orchestral version... but it doesn't seem to be working
at the moment.  It worked this morning though.
may be the piano-flute version...  it seems to be working.
is the orchestral version, and it's working.


The Rokbeigalm are big fans of ressikan-flute kind of music.  They also
like conch shells, hollowed-out animal horns, and all kinds of drums.  I
don't have words for any of their musical instruments yet, but i do have
the distinction that they make between |ong| "chant" and |solg| "song".

-Stephen (Steg)
"you're about to go where - everyone - has gone before."
     ~ ivanova to sheridan, 'babylon 5'