Matthew Butt wrote:

: i once heard a woman of jamaican origin saying that it
: was a compliment there to call someone ' big and roun'
: like and english poun' '. the context was humourous, and
: i don't know whether the phrase is authentic, but it
: seems to illustrate a variety of attitudes towards size.

This reminded me of an article I read a while ago about
prefered women waist-to-hip ratio by men. The study shows
that Hadza men prefer higher WHR than American men. Here's
an abstract.

Female waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) is widely cited by evolutionary
psychologists as an example of an evolved male preference.
Although many studies have found men prefer a low WHR, almost
all have been conducted with college students. We tested men
in a foraging society and found that they preferred high WHRs.
We interpret this as a preference for heavier women, which we
think should be common where there is no risk of obesity. Based
on these results and others, we suggest that WHR preference
varies with ecology.

(I think it an be found somewhere on the web, but I only have
it on my own computer and I can't find the link. I can't repost
the article on my own website due to copyright. The author's are
Wetsman and Marlowe, if anyone wants to delve deeper into the
web without getting totally tangled (like I was).)

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