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>>perhaps a conlang how-to like the one by mark rosenfelder
>>( could help you
> I may sound totally stupid, but I read both of the kits (Marks and the
>other one, whose name excapes me) and I was still left fairly confused.

    The one created by Pablo Flores? That is a good one.

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>What was it about the kits that confused you? The terminology, or
>something else?
>If Mark Rosenfelder's kit confused you then you're probably not ready for
>_Describing Morphosyntax_ yet, since it's written for linguists and is
>fairly technical.

    As usually, I can not but endorse David Crystal's _Cambridge Encyclopedia
of Language_ enough. It is the best all-round basic introduction to
practically all facets of linguistics. It sure is one of my most used
references on my book shelf ::ruefully looks at how ragged it is getting::.

>Of course, you can always bring your questions to the list.

    Very true. Just as long as we can understand what you are trying to write
or mean...

>       Acctually, it didnt confuse me, I understood it all, but it left
>me feeling "It can't be this easy...." Heck, I don't know maybe I did get it

    Well, both kits are like just "beginner's guides" (or "Dummy's Guides"
depending on your viewpoint ;)... you are kinda expected to do your own
research into other languages - NatLang, AuxLang, ArtLang, LogLang, etc. and
to read up on linguistic matters a la Payne's _Describing Morphosyntax_ and
Katamba's _An Introduction to Phonology_, etc.

>Later I'll post the grammar of Bamulu to the list, and I'll let people
>peck at it and flame me :)

    ::sharpens talons... eager toothy linguavore grin & drooling::

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