Cabo is a nice resort town-(watch out for the time share sellers-
everywhere you turn- especially lined up in their booths as you get off
the plane) Diving mediocre at best- especially in August as the warm
water at the best location near there on the sea of Cortez side(2.5 hour
trip each way by car) - keeps the hammerheads down pretty deep. But
there is the 'only true living coral reef on the US continent" (so they
say)  out the same location that is mildly nice..
Cabo has a small bay which ends at a point at 'lands End" which
separates the Pacific ocean from the town- best local diving is out
towards Lands End and there are a number of operations that will supply
the dive service at 5-6 different - fairly shallow sites- More sea life
than Monterey- and has one dive in midst of sea lions (they can be
playful) Not much plant or rock life- but some if you look close...

On the beach- have at least one dinner at 'the Office'  Lots of other
good bars and restaurants in town and around beaches as well. Fair
amount of night life- all around- take local taxi or walk if  staying
near town- as nothing is more than 20 minutes away-

Oh- they have a chamber in town as well. expect to pay add on to each
excursion out for that also-


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> Hello all,
> Its nice to start seeing some posting on this list. Hugh, I was surprised to
> see you mention me in an earlier post. I don't remember you being that cold.
> I know we had a hell of a dive!! LOL
> I've got a question. I'm going to Cabo San Lucas the 17th of August.
> Anyone been there this time of year? What should I expect as water temp? Sea
> Life? I'm doing a land based trip with daily excursions to the spots.
> Any special sites I should ask about? Anything I should know about the locale
> such as transportation, restaurants, night life?
> Thanks,
> Ray


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