Don wrote:
> >4, sometimes 5.  Interested in going along?
> I would love to go diving with you and probably will some
> day.  This is not that day. :)  A confirmed WWW, no way
> I would dive in water colder than 75f.

How about then the Brac in ~8 weeks?  Water should be ~82F.

> 4 or 5 dives a day equals a live aboard.  Water temp equals
> Pacific.  Are you going to the Galapagos?

Correct on all three counts.  Earlier this spring, we had bid/won a local
charity auction, getting a really good deal on a conventional (non-diving)
Galapagos cruise.

Shortly thereafter, I got tied up on a crunch project, which had a net end
result of me getting two full weeks of extra vacation time.  I jokingly
suggested to Margaret that I could use some of it by staying on for a second
week on a diving live aboard.  Much to my shock, she said "Go ahead".