Marv writes:
> Just back from Little Cayman.  Don, has the Aggressor been attracting
> Blacktips with food?
> Blacktips were an occasional passerby at many divesites, but
> everywhere the Aggressor stayed, a blacktip was sure to go,
> usually at 6pm though.  I was rather surprised by _very_ close
> encounters with BT that hovered at divesites for over 10 min,
> at least that's when I left after studying their form for some time.

That's definite behavior modification.

It sounds like the CA-IV has YA "helpful" staff member.  Again.

A couple of years ago, I commented about how the Grouper population over at
Little Cayman had drastically changed.  The quantity of groupers in a small
area had boomed to 3x-4x normal, and they "ALL" were hanging out, waiting to
be petted.  In actuality, it was that they had learned that DM's would help
them get squirrel fish out of small coral heads.

> Hugh, the water is a surprising 84-86F now.

I imagine the thermocline is probably waaaay too deep to reach.  I think I
heard that the FL Gulf Coast is pushing 88+F surface temp.

> Marv Gozum
> Philadelphia PA

Philly?  Want to head over to Dutch to help me test my new suit's weighting?