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   Hugh Writes,
> BTW, I might be back down in the area on fairly short notice; don't know
> when...I'll let you know.
If your coming to Pensacola I just so happen to have some free vouchers for
the local Holiday Inn but your more than welcome to stay with us.

I've been diving alot out of here this summer. The viz has been better than I
can remember in the years past.

I'm keeping some of the lobsters you offered,
even if I have to eat them all myself!  (my In-Laws turned down Ray's
generous offer of free lobsters).

Speaking of lobsters..... A funny story.....A few years ago while running out
in the Gulf I ran over a spot that marked up several fish but it was a small
mark on my bottom machine. I offered for the people on my boat to go and take
a look but because of the small relief they decided to wait until the better
dive spots. After everyone turned it down I made the dive and it turned out
to be just a couple of washing machines BUT the drums and the motors were
just covered with shovelnose lobsters. I came up with about 30 or so if I
remember right.

Well, I would always go back once a year and harvest a few lobsters off of
the spot.

This past Sunday I made this my last dive and there was not a lobster to be
seen BUT then I saw a pile of shells and I thought OK I know your here but
where are you.

After a bit of looking I found Mr. Octopus on the between the drum and the
wall of the machine. Since they eat lobsters there went my harvest. LOL

I must say he looked fat and happy and I think he grinned at me as I was
leaving. 8)

Hugh, I look forward to you coming down again and lets get some dives in.