At 12:35 PM 2002-08-05 -0400, Bob Cooper wrote:

>you should also consider posting it on
> > rec.scuba, which has the single largest number of users.
>Good idea.  Could you give me the URL?  I had it and then I lost it.


Try also:

Or just go to and tell it that the group you want
is rec.scuba or (or cross-post).

And get a hotmail address or fake one (not [log in to unmask]) :-) as if you
give your real one in the plain, it will get inundated with spam -
completely ruined in one shot.  Try
"r c_o.o_p e_r at sympatico dot (remove punctuation and spaced and
final .com and translate)" --- a human can make it out, a program might
find it a bit harder to deal with.  Yes, the vandals have forced us to
these extremes.  Another possibility that is a really good one, in my
opinion, is to visit so that you can get a formula  alias
which you can use in situations like this one.  That is kind of a neat
system that allows you to make up your own aliases on the spot to give out
-- and they automatically expire if you start getting stuff dumped into
them by the spammers.

Here is the point:  UBE/Spamming is never acceptable, no matter what the
greater good served.  Floods, fires, starving or missing children, wars,
disease, death, pestilence, etc., none of these justify UBE.  IMPORTANT
things like this happen every day.  And I believe that the net standard is
that UBE is unacceptable, no matter what the content of the message.
Nick Simicich - [log in to unmask]