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> I second that. I have read many auxlang theorys and most of them are
> propaganda for their own failed auxlangs, and secondly they critisize
> others
> for their efforts and such. I have found many auxlangers conceited and
> self-centered, and any smigeon of critisism is automatically hushed away
> as
> anti-<insert lang here> attacks. Now dont get me wrong, there are many
> auxlangers (and former auxlangers) I like. One of these such people is
> Rick
> Mourneu (sp?). I find his research very interesting and educational.

Rick Morneau. Is he really an auxlanger? According to me, his efforts look more
like the ones of an auxlang-skeptic, with shades of loglanger.

I still have to read a bit of the archives of Auxlang. I heard so much about
the self-centeredness of auxlangers that I want to see it with my own
eyes ;))) .

Christophe, who learnt Esperanto only for aesthetic purposes ;)) .

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