Hi everyone!

Just yesterday, I was looking over old lists of words that I have lying around in notebooks. The lists have words from languages like Greek, Estonian, Finish, Nenets, Albanian, Gothic, and some of my own such as Flavin (my first language..yikes), and Alenciaise (a French-ish thing). I began warping all of these words into a new language (not yet named, but currently going under the name _ballaig_ which is a sort of musical instrument, and one of the handful of words warped from Russian, i.e. *balalaika).

This new language has features borrowed from Basque and a bit from Georgian..I believe, I'll have to look at my Georgian book again to figure out what I want.

Lastweekend I worked out a series of Auxiliary verbs with prefixes and suffixes showing grammatical arguments like in Basque. In addition, the language will feature and ergative morphology.

From Georgian will come directional markers on verbs and a few other features not yet worked out. The directional markers will indicate several things:

In non-motion/transfer verbs (and, confusingly in a few more transferlike verbs), they'll indicate the case of the direct object, such as the following words:

jesalv- "to annoint" + DATIVE object
jegjed- "to curse" + DATIVE object
jezbai- "to shoot" + DATIVE object
jalzh-  "to wound" + DATIVE object

nosuk-   "to beware" + ABLATIVE object
namjelg- "to milk"   + ABLATIVE object

In motion/transfer verbs, they will indicate direction of transfer/motion.

This includes things like:
nord- "to come from"
jerd- "to arrive in"
nogs- "to leave"
jegs- "to go toward"
nozbai- "to shoot from"

As well as a bit stranger things like:
noprjast- "to buy"
jeprjast- "to sell"
jelk- "to teach"
nolk- "to learn" get the idea I hope. If anyones' interested, I'll continue (hopefully maybe maybe) posting things about the language.

Elliott Lash.