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> > <snip interesting system of verb markers>
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> > If you have both of those markers, are there some verbs that have
> > neither? If not, then one of them is unnecessary and would probably be
> > dropped from most longer verbs quickly. Or do they mark words as being
> > verbs as well as what type? If so, then think about having different sets
> > of conjugations with each type.
Yes, there are some verbs that don't take the directional prefixes: those which are less transfer oriented. These verbs have slightly different morphology:

jel- "to live"
gnirak- "to snow"
gai- "to sing about" (as opposed to jegai- "to sing to")
mazhdrai- "to dream"

The main differences are (using jegai- as a transfer verb and mazhdrai- as a non-transfer verb):

Conjunctive participle:
 mazhdraiud "and dreaming" (+ud)  ~ jegai (+zero)

mazhdraidz "dream!" (+dz) ~ jegairdz (+rdz) ~ (no- verbs:)
nagigz "route, drive away!"

Elliott Lash