Tim May ta nugatu-r:


> > E002-ManualMorfosintaxis.pdf?
> > I'm using Acrobat Reader 5.0.5a CE on Windows XP PL and I don't see any
> > squares.

> Personally I'm looking at this from Linux, and I can't make any comments
> with respect to Acrobat. However, Ghostscript-based viewers crash on
> several pages, beginning with p.8.

They don't like a glottal stop? :)

> Xpdf displays most pages correctly (at least, it displays a variety of
> exotic IPA glyphs) but does show boxes in some cases, e.g. the third
> character of entries 29 and 30 on p.26.

Small gammas.

> I'm assuming people aren't going to rigorously check over the entire
> document to see whether it displays correctly, so it's perhaps helpful
> to have examples of where the errors are occurring.

I have checked all 190 exercises and... no squares, no errors, no crashes.

y @ryvz ti-mrow  -- this is good! :)


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