Christian Thalmann sikyal:

> Alright, they're not that evil; certainly not as evil as Latin or
> Maggel.  ;-)

Latin is evil?

> A-Conj.     candare /k@n"da:r/ "to sing":
>             Singular                Plural
>      1.P    cando    /"kandA/       candame   /k@n"da:m/
>      2.P    candas   /"kand@s/      candaese  /k@n"dajs/
>      3.P    canda    /"kand@/       candan    /"kand@n/
>             Participle: candante, -ndis  /k@n"dant/

Very nice. Different from other Romlangs, but that's what we like.

> Irregular   haever /"hajv@r/ "to have"
>             Singular                Plural
>      1.P    hau    /haw/            havime  /h@"vi:m/
>      2.P    haese  /hajs/           havise  /h@"vi:s/
>      3.P    haefte /hEft/           haene   /hajn/
>             Participle: haente, -is /hEnt/

I like this a lot! Irregulars are what make life interesting. I'm curious,
how did you get the glides in the 2sg and 3pl forms?

I would hardly call this system evil--it looks pretty straightforward, and
doesn't have even the evilness of many of the modern Romlangs. Perhaps
there's more I haven't seen, though.

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