Alexandre, Rather than giving serious consideration to my suggestion that we
all try and use one of the major IALs to communicate on Auxlang and similar
lists, you respond with a long post in your own, completely undocumented
language.  If you want me to write in Ido (or Novial: I can do either), then
I expect you to make an effort to write in a major IAL that I can either
read easily (which includes Esp, Occ and Ia), or at least have access to
online materials for.  Otherwise I cannot take your complaints about use of
English seriously, and I will ignore you from now on.

Alexandre, Vice serioze konsiderar mea sugesto ke ni omna esforcez uzar un
ek la precipua LIA-i por komunikar che Auxlang e simila listi, vu respondas
per longa mesajo en vua propra, tote nedokumentizita linguo.  Se vu volas ke
me skribez en Ido (o Novial: me povas facar amba), takaze me expektas ke vu
esforcos skribar en precipua LIA quan sive me povas lektar facile
(inkluzante Esp, Occ ed Ia), o pri qua me adminime povas acesar materii
enreta.  Altrakaze me ne povas egardar serioze vua plendi pri uzo dil angla,
e de nun me ignoros vu.

Kordiale, James Chandler
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"The postulation of quarks gives a structure to the proliferation of
subatomic particles, but physicists demand a different sort of evidence in
order to establish the physical reality of quarks." - Gilbert Harman, Two
quibbles about analyticity and psychological reality, Behavorial and Brain
Sciences 3

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