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Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 07:38:25 +0000
Subject: Re: Pronomines personal in un auxiliari ling

> Alexandre, Rather than giving serious consideration to my suggestion that
> we all try and use one of the major IALs to communicate
> on Auxlang and similar lists,

I realize that your idea is well intentioned, but if
those interested in a new and better auxlang (maybe
most on list are such)---why force them to learn old
junk already discarded??

Please use Volapuk or Solresol to reply to above!!

> you respond with a long post in your own, completely undocumented
> language.

I think Alexanre's fasilingo or whatever is somewhat
documented. ?? That does not mean I find it easy to
figgure out.

> If you want me to write in Ido (or Novial: I can do either),

These are easier to read, I think.

> then
> I expect you to make an effort to write in a major IAL that I can either
> read easily (which includes Esp, Occ and Ia), or at least have access to
> online materials for.  Otherwise I cannot take your complaints about use
> of
> English seriously, and I will ignore you from now on.

As mentioned, I think complaints about using English are
barriers to good communication on subject.

English is more convenient for many than Volapuk etc.

 "." CHANG Wei

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