Thomas Wier wrote:
> > There seems to be some evidence that for speakers of a language, there
> > some other specific language that all foreign words are assumed to be
> > For English, it's French.
> >
> > A lot more on this at
> >
> > ObConlang: how do people's conlangs handle foreign words?
>Overwhelmingly, most of the foreign loans into Phaleran are
>from the C'ali languages (especially Classical C'ali), which
>together comprise an impact on Phaleran's lexicon something
>analogous to the Latin and Romance languages on English.
>Although Classical C'ali provides the largest number of loans
>and constructions, the language that is actually referenced for
>[+foreign] pronunciations is Trans-Aliderian C'ali, one of its
>daughter languages.

Slightly OT, but to my knowledge you've never elaborated anything the
sociopolitical interactions of Phaleran and C'ali speakers over time. You
you care to give some basic info? Why has C'ali have such extensive
influence on Phaleran, and why, if Classical C'ali carries such prestige, is
Phaleran now apparently the language of the powers that be rather than some
decentant of C'ali?

(Warning: similar requests to me about the Tairezazh and it's neighbours and
relatives may be answered at great length ...)


PS There appears to be a dearth of feminists among conlangers. Otherwise
one'd expect alot of indignant oration about the sexism inherent in talking
about mother and daughter languages, but never about father or son ones!

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