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> However, I could imagine a conlang (or natlang, why not?) where the indefinite
> article has its roots in a form like "some", "any", "of any kind". In such case
> I don't see any reason for not having a plural form.

Currently, Jovian uses forms derived from Latin |unus| for all
numbers: |nu pazer| /n@"pa:D@r/ "a father", |ni pazers| /ni"ba:D@rs/
"fathers", though I'm not fond of the construction.

Does anyone know a short word for "some, several" in Latin that I
could use for this purpose?  I haven't found it in the dictionary.

BTW, Jovian is one of those languages which has an indefinite article
|nu, na, un|, but no definite article.  There's the third person
personal pronoun which can be used in an article-like fashion, but
it's stronger and less common than a definite article.  |Is pazer|
/i"pa:D@r/ is probably best translated as "he, the father".

> Isn't there some Romance language with a form like "uns"?

Spanish has "unos, unas".

-- Christian Thalmann