Clint wrote:
>Universal 3rd pers: For everything from proverbs to
>gossip to the weather to conspiracy theories--the way
>we might use "they say that..." in English.

Certain dialects of Tairezazh has a special 3rd pl for this usuage; _krei_
or variants thereof. It's quite unrelated to the normal 3rd pl pronoun
_senen_ (with gender-specific variants _senon_ and _senan_, masc and fem
respectively), and only exists in the nominative, in sentences like "they're
raising the taxes again", or "they're up to something". Historically it's an
old instrumental of the otherwise obsolete 3rd pl pronoun _ker_.

In the standard language, you can use _senen_, but it's also common to use
the noun/indefinite pronoun _tseken_ "people" in this kind of constructions.

Translation exercise!

_Krei staksek senos, lai seno srát eidhes._
"They killed him, because he knew everything."
(Except for the initial pronoun, the sentence could be Standard Tairezazh.
Extra points, tho', for using dialectal forms of your conlangs.)


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