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> >> what do some of the non-atheists on the list have to
> >> say on this ?
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> >Now there's a definition of a word waiting to coined.  With the
> >increasing marginalisation of religion in the First World a word
> >defining the school of thought that mythopoeic being(s) exist,
> >particularly as a focus of worldview, could be useful.
> What about _theist_?  Is that somehow unconvenient?
Well, when I don't identify myself as Presbyterian, I would use
Christian theist.  Just because there is no other major school of
thought in Christianity, doesn't mean it shouldn't be recognised as a
subset of theism, and not the totality of it.

When you pray to Buddha, are you a theist?  The word coined for
non-atheist will have to cover, IMO, monotheists, polytheists,
religious deists, non-realists, people who pray to Buddha and people
with independent spiritualities.  I'm not sure _theist_ can cope with
that load.

> >I keep a journal, and most of it, for 6 years, has been written in a
> >personal language based on 'Wordcraft' and 'A Concise Anglo-Saxon
> >Dictionary'.
> Please, tell more, and give a sample, please!
A sample:

Driete, let my gan sibful, for'm ik heb seen't sinte de du hest jeruwed
beforn all folks; for'ne cudness toe'm deie, an liet, and't wulder for
dyne folk Israhel.

Lord, let me go peacefully, because I have seen the salvation that you
have prepared before all people; for a revelation to the nations, a
light, and glory for your people Israel.

It's not the same without the accents.

One day I will at least have to complete a grammar and dictionary to
Zelandish.  But as the corpus is my personal writings I am in hurry to
complete it.

- andrew.
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