Andreas Johansson <[log in to unmask]> writes:

> Pablo Flores wrote:
> >SYV doesn't have articles, but marks definiteness on nouns
> >and adjectives using suffixes. .....
> That sounds awfully like enclitic'd articles. Why not call 'em that?

I may as well do that... I presume that's the origin
of the suffixes anyway. But they're not like particles
that attach to anything unchanged. Their form depends
on the root and the root interacts with them in a way
that suggests they're more like inflections. Consider

    ak 'woman', aka 'a woman', eki 'the woman'
    ka 'man', ka 'a man' (zero mark), kach 'the man'
    bibi 'new', bibiya 'a new one', bibiyi 'the new one'

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