Peter Clark scripsit:

>     Good point. However, in the case of all three, there are even _PURER_ :)
> words available: cross = rood, street = road, wine = mead (albeit this is an
> extension of the semantic range, it's not too much of a stretch, especially
> since the Greek cognate is methy, wine).

I think the last one is too big a stretch, myself.  Wine is no more
mead than it is beer.

>     Speaking of Ander-Saxon, did you recover those old postings? I wasn't
> paying much attention to the thread after a point.

They're on the YahooGroups site; search for "Markland", anyone who
wants them.  Dirk, if your friend is interested in "Uncleftish Beholding",
he might also be interested in the Bill of Rights and "What to do if
you are stopped".

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