--- Tom Wier wrote:

> Quoting Philip Newton <[log in to unmask]>:
> > Mark Rosenfelder's Verdurian has verbs before nouns on his morphology
> > page. (He also has an unusual -- to me -- order of cases, with N G A D,
> > whereas I am used to N G D A from German and (Ancient) Greek.)
> Really? When I learned German, the order was usually N A D G
> (which was both the listed order, and the order in which we
> learned their functions). In Phaleran, cases are always listed
> like the following, for full nouns: Ergative, Absolutive, Dative,
> Instrumental, Benefactive, Durative, Abessive.  For pronouns,
> replace "Ergative, Absolutive," with "S, A, O," (naturally, to
> describe Phaleran's split-ergative morphology in pronouns.)

Is this an order you made up yourself, or is it based on an existing language?
Are there any "fixed" orders, for example in Finnish?

Like Philip, I learnt to inflect both Greek and German cases in N G D A order.
The same order was also applied in Polish, expanded to N G D A I L. The
vocative is usually omitted from such schemes and handled separately, but when
it is there, it usually comes either last or immediately after the nominative.


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