--- Pavel Adamek <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> IMHO English *here* has now
> separate 2nd person for God too.
> Or do Englismen say "thou"
> to anybody else than to God?

but do many people actually use 'thou' for talking to
their god ? it strikes me as a written ( and therefore
read or recited ) form, which might be used by people
who want to use a formal and archaised register in
their impromptu religious language, but would hardly
constitute part of the current tongue

i suspect even many devout christians wouldn't be able
to give the old second person singular form of the
verb ( even with a reasonable knowledge of the
language i can't remember whether the subjunctive
keeps the -st ending )

what do some of the non-atheists on the list have to
say on this ?


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